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Argentine Knockout to Brazilians
2014-07-10 10:37 | Views: 6806
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It is easy to imagine what a day would be for Brazilians after losing to Germans. The first pages of the newspapers reported the shame of “pentacampeones”. Some of them had a view of funeral. Black and white changed color pages. The channels have nothing to talk about other things. They are repeating goals, got from Germans and it is not difficult to guess that the Brazilian team is criticized.

If until now, the booths in the streets were filled with Brazilian colored attributes, on Wednesday morning it was rare to see. However, I have not seen that the fans go to the team’s base and make there obstructions. As I see, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilians are watching such things lightly. They do not commit suicide even due such failure.

Well, another very severe blow followed to the knockout received from Germans. The Argentinean team made through to the World Championship final, which is not pleasant for the locals. If Argentina gets the World Cup, this will be a “control shot” for Brazilians. I am sure that Brazilians, who had purchased tickets for the finals, will support German in the decisive match of the World Cup. Where, in the group stage, in the meeting of Argentina-Bosnia, they supported Balkans, it would not be surprising if they support Germany in final.

As for Brazil and Netherlands, there meeting will be for bronze medals. Perhaps a bronze medal will not be a consolation for Brazil, but it is also considerable, that the apprentices of Scolari need partial rehabilitation towards their fans.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

Photos by Lasha Tabagari

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