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The "Stars" Closed the World Cup
2014-07-14 04:03 | Views: 7361
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While being in Rio de Janeiro I assured in the fact that the Brazilians are skilled in singing and dancing. These talented people hold the closing ceremony of World Cup wonderfully, in which I did not doubt. Such thing has not happened at none World Championships. Shakira, Jean Wyclef, Carlinhos Brown, Alexandre Pires, Carlos Santana, Ivete Sangalo enkindled at “Maracana”. Besides the special song, dedicated to this day, they also sang such popular songs, which are known for all Brazilians.

Shakira started the show and Sangalo closed it, and finally, all the “stars” stepped on the stage, which was specially prearranged for them. Shakira held his son in her hands. Besides, it was impressive to see dancers, who was wearing Brazilian national clothes and showed wonderful show. Everything was made remarkably. The ceremony did not last long, but those who saw this would remember it whole life.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

Photos by Lasha Tabagari

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