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Doubles and Krishna Followers
2014-06-27 20:39 | Views: 5476
Photos by Lasha Tabagari
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In short, you will encounter so many different people at World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.
You will meet doubles of Diego Maradona and Carlos Valderrama at “Maracana” stadium. They will perform technical tricks with ball in exchange for money.
Suddenly, double of Michael Jackson may appear in “FIFA Fan Fest”. He asks fans money for beer. Double of Charlie Chaplin was also walking on “Copacabana” beach.
Some Americans are dressed in “Superman” and “Elvis” costumes. “Superman” was very active in the match against Germany. After the match the “Elvises” were sitting in the bar in “FIFA Fan Fest”.
You will also meet an old German who is playing tambourine with the Brazilian band. Also, there are Krishna followers singing “Hare Krishna”.
I noticed a fan who was wearing a jersey of the German national team. He was holding a poster with an English inscription on it: “Mom, send some money”.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

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