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The Entire Argentina Is in Rio
2014-07-12 13:01 | Views: 6230
Photos by Lasha Tabagari
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As it was expected, Rio de Janeiro is crowded with fans of “La Albiceleste”. Those who have been in Rio are joined by fans from different cities of Brazil. They spend time on “Copacabana”.

The ocean beach is their favorite place. They have arrived with families and sleep in cars, mini buses. They cook on gas cylinders on the beach next to the luxury hotels. The Argentines make a noise and have fun.

I have seen the Argentine in the ocean with drum. He was singing his favorite song. This time he was singing about the failure of Germany. The Argentines are gathering together, singing, shouting, waving flags, drinking beer and wine and smoking marijuana.

The Argentines are coming to Brazil and I can imagine what will happen in “Maracana” and on “Copacabana” on the match day. The Brazilian TV channels are broadcasting how many Argentines have arrived in their country.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

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