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"Stars" in "Maracana"
2014-07-12 20:58 | Views: 6809
Photos by Lasha Tabagari
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Pop stars visited “Maracana” a day before the World Cup final.

Before the final the closing ceremony of Brazil 2014 will be held. Sharika, Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Carlinhos Brown, Alexandre Pires and Ivete Sangalo will participate in it.

On Friday morning they met journalists in the press conference hall of “Maracana”. The briefing was planned to start at 10:30 Brazil time but the “stars” were late and the press conference started half an hour late. Shakira entered the hall last. She was in the center of the attention.

Before the press conference the video clip dedicated to the closing ceremony of the championship was shown. The video is filmed in “Favela” and it tells the story of a young football fan.

The pop stars talked about different topics. Brazilians Brown, Wyclef, Pires and Sangalo talked about the situation in their country and World Cup. Colombian Shakira noted that Brazil is her second homeland and football changed her life. Santana of Mexico talked about general human issues. He recalled Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Overall, the musicians talked about serious issues and also joked.

After the press conference, they went to “Maracana” where they took pictures with “Fuleco”. The final will start at 16:00 Brazil time and the closing ceremony – at 14:20.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

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