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Joachim Low: "Argentina Is not Only Messi"
2014-07-12 23:18 | Views: 6572
Photos by Lasha Tabagari
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According to Bastian Schweinsteiger, midfielder of the German national team, if they use their pluses against Argentina in the World Cup final, they will win. He made this statement at the press conference in “Maracana”.

Schweinsteiger stated the team is in a good mood after beating Brazil in semifinal. He thinks Argentina deservedly made through to the final. According to Schweinsteiger, the opponent has such high level football players like Messi, di Maria, Aguero and Mascherano. The German stressed that the Argentines play well in defense and they neutralized Robben in the match against Netherlands. He does not expect an easy match but thinks they will win World Cup.

Schweinsteiger noted the team is happy to play in the final but he has no psychological pressure. Only Miroslav Klose has played in the World Cup final but the others have experience of holding such matches in the clubs.

Schweinsteiger was asked about the transformation of the German national team after UEFA Euro 2004, Louis van Gaal and Pep Guardiola. The football player replied after Euro 2004 first Klinsmann and then Low made changes in the national team. Schweinsteiger stated he has learnt a lot from van Gaal and Guardiola in “Bayern” Munich and now he uses it in the national team.

Schweinsteiger thinks the head coach of the national team has chosen good football players.

Joachim Low, head coach of the German national team, entered the press conference hall after Schweinsteiger and stated Argentina is not only Messi and if somebody thinks so, he is wrong. Low thinks there are other high level forwards in this team: Higuain, di Maria, Aguero.

Low was reminded of the match in South Africa 4 years ago when Germany won 4:0 and was told Messi and Mascherano are thinking about revenge.

Low replied Germany is not afraid of anybody and does not know what they are thinking about. He thinks it is the match of two teams which have held many interesting official and friendly matches before. Low stated unlike 2010, Argentina plays better in defense.

The German specialist believes Argentina can play different style. The team has good defense line, Messi, di Maria and Higuain can make a quick offence.

Low was reminded of the match between Germany and Argentina at the 2006 World Cup. Penalty shootout was needed to identify the winner. Suddenly Low raised a paper and showed the journalist: “I have already made a list”. Of course, it was a joke. The German coach said he wants to win in full time. But he also added he is ready for the penalty shootout.

Low was reminded of the dates. Germany won World Cup in 1974 and 1990. Low said he does not believe in dates.

Low also stated European team has not won World Cup in South America yet. He would be happy if Germany will become the first team to do that. Low knows well that in case of victory they will go down in history.

Lasha Tabagari, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

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