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"Copa de Mundo" was Held
2014-07-15 12:05 | Views: 6088
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I would not be biased if I say that World Championship was held in Brazil. Unfortunately, the time passed quickly. It happens so, you wait for the first forum of World football for 4 years and as Brazilians call “Copa de Mundo” ends in a month.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup was hold in Brazil, speaks for itself. Before its start, there were talks about that the country was not ready for such a big forum. Perhaps, there were small problems in organizing side, but overall it is nothing to compare with those hundreds of thousands of fans, who saw this. Some of the matches beat the record of TV audience of some countries.

Obviously, such Brazilian World Championship would be repeated in Brazil. The second “Maracana” and “Copacabana” is nowhere. Such atmosphere, which was in “FIFA Fan Fest”, will not be in another place. During some matches, 60000-70000 fans gathered around the “FIFA Fan Fest”.

The Championship justified in terms of spectacular. Boring and ordinary game was not hold. By the way, all team’s coaches said it. Several debates were really top-class.

At the same time, Brazil-2014 was found to be the historic World Cup. Until now, the European teams did not win in South America and the Germans managed it. It should be noted, that after destroying the “Berlin Wall”, the United German team won the World Cup for the first time. Earlier, in 1996, they won gold medals at European Championship. No one can say that Germany is not a worthy champion. After the failure in 2004, at the European Championship, the Germans changed their approach to work and “reaped the harvest”. This team hold the whole tournament at the highest level and left the impression of the most balanced team.

Joachim Loew said that he does not believe in dates, but the fact is that German won the Cup for the fourth time after 24 years. Also, so happened to Brazil in 1994 and to Italy in 2006. German is equal to Italy by the number of victories at World Championships and is one cup behind Brazil. As for Miroslav Klose, he became the top scorer by 16 goals and improved the record of Ronaldo in Brazil.

Another historic event occurred at World Cup. So far, none of the teams had lost 1:7 in ½ final and Brazil “managed” this. Earlier, in 1998, failure with France 0:3 was the most “painful” for Brazil. The fact that things are not going well in Brazilian football, the previous Mundial showed it. By the way, Brazil won the bronze medals twice and now lost in the match for the 3rd place for the first time.

However, the Dutch have never taken the 3rd place and added a bronze medal to three “silver”, which they got at World Championships. Netherlands really left a handsome impression.

Lionel Messi became the best, who added another “Golden Ball” to previous four. It should be also noted that in 1986, after when Maradona was recognized as the best player in Mexico, the Argentine player has not gained such success. Messi is not Maradona, but he really deserved this prize. If not his remarkable play, it is likely that Argentina would be unable to make through to final. Of course, you will not lose a work of head coach Alejandro Sabella. Obviously, this is a matter of the Argentine Football Federation, but Sabella’s dismissal would not be desirable for them. Argentina hold the final at high level and if they were able to use a goal moments of Gonzalo Higuan and Rodrigo Palacio, who knows, who would gain a Cup.

Messi was not happy with the fact that he was recognized as the best player. He was standing with sad face next to the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who was named as the best goalkeeper.

So far, the Colombian player had never been a top scorer of World Championships and the mentioned prize was awarded to James Rodriguez. He also left a good impression. The “hope” of Colombian football scored 6 times, but the goal against Uruguay in 1/8 final was the most beautiful.

Spain lost to Holland 1:5 and world’s dominant “Furia Roja” could not succeed.

Costa - Rica caused a sensation at the Championship, which managed to left former World Cup winners in the group and went through to the ¼ final, where they lost to Netherlands in penalty series.

People often talk which football school is superior, European or South American. Italians and Brazilians won the Cup twice in a row among Europeans and South Americans. In the previous World Cup, the Europeans won the gold medals for the 3rd time in a row. It is considerable, that European finals were held in 2006 in Germany and in 2010 in South Africa. The South Americans can only find comfort in the fact that in 2014, they had a representative in Final.

It should be noted that Pele and Maradona were not among the honorary guests of final. If “Don Diego” was sitting with fans, Pele was at the match or not. Nobody focused on it. It is understandable that he is not a guest in his own country, but he was not mentioned in the list of the honorable guests.

During the match, the guests were never shown on four large screens. The whole focus was on football. Only during the awarding ceremony showed Angela Merkel and the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.

The closing ceremony of World Cup was also remarkable. Shakira, Jean Wyclef, Carlinhos Brown, Alexandre Pires, Carlos Santana, Ivete Sangalo did their best. The special song written for the ceremony, traditional Brazilian songs and dance numbers were performed.

On the second day of the Championship Rio de Janeiro returned to ordinary life. The first pages of newspapers reported about the triumph of the German national team. Some tourists were visiting the city’s landmarks and wre buying the souvenirs. There are not so many people at “Copacabana” and the Argentines are going to return to their motherland.

Before the next World Championship, which will be held in Russia in 2018, the count has already begun.

Lasha Tabagri, special correspondent of from Rio de Janeiro

Photos by Lasha Tabagari

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