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Sound from Geneva-Lyon Bus and Unforgettable "Putin Khuilo"
2016-06-16 11:09 | Views: 103264
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Very odd people gathered in the bus from Geneva to Lyon yesterday. Northern Irish fans and the Ukrainians were going to the match of their teams, which will take place today at the stadium of Lyon. There were also Croatian fans, one Greek, German couple, French, Swiss and of course we Georgians.

French service staff of the bus several times asked the fans to refrain from drinking beer and singing loudly, but the Irish fans turned to be stubborn and gave us the real show during our way to stadium.

This was not just a song. It was an amazing effort to join everybody in singing.

At first, the Ukrainians sang their country’s national anthem, then the song of “Dynamo” Kiev, but the main thing happened later, when the Georgians and the Ukrainians started to sing the great song “Putin Khuilo” and the whole bus joined us. All passengers of the bus were singing this “sweet melody” dedicated to the Russia’s President and it was exceptionally exciting moment for us.

When we arrived in Lyon, the match of France-Albania was already started and we had to watch the match together. Drunk Irish fans were walking around the city. After winning over Albania, everybody started totter and bleating.

Levan Sepiskveradze specially for from Lyon

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