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The Yellows and the Greens
2016-06-17 16:38 | Views: 14056
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The Northern Irish fans have one of the anthems called “10 German Bombers” and every Irish sing it. However, the Irish fans also have other easier and simple songs which everyone knows. The song is simple but being Irish is difficult.

The Irish fans are distinguished with their support, merriment, simplicity and no aggression. If there is a similar title and prize, we are giving it to the Irish.

The Ukrainians also love their country and team, they also sang during the match and cried after the match but the Irish did such things which are not connected only to football.

We met three Irish fans who were tired after travelling to Switzerland. They were ordinary worker boys who saved money by cheap flight and were to take a bus. They had drunk whisky and were tired but they were still singing about the German bombers. Two tired Irish fans were sleeping in one of the pubs in Lyon and when a waiter woke them up, they started singing “La Marseillaise”… In tram an Irish father was rolling a wheelchair of his 10-year-old son. The father and the son were singing the national anthem of Northern Ireland. During the match about 6-7-year-old boy was holding a trumpet and keeping up the pace. We can say many other good things about the Irish fans but despite everything, we wanted Ukraine to win. However, Northern Ireland celebrated one of the most glorious and memorable victories in its team’s history.

And the Ukrainians… When you are a Georgian it means everything to them: friendship, love, supporter and many other things. Unlike the Irish, the Ukrainians, like us, were applauding only when their team was doing something good.

It was heartbreaking to see how beautiful Ukrainian ladies were crying after the match. However, this failure was the most disappointing for the old Ukrainians because as one of the men from Zaporizhia said the Ukrainians do not have “luxury of failure”.

Levan Sepiskveradze, specially for from France

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