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The City of Lyon Before the Great Match (Special Report)
2016-06-13 11:06 | Views: 68573
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The day begins at 5:00 am in Lyon, the city lost in the beautiful valley of the river Rhone, as well as in most places of true Europe. It’s a bit impossible for Georgians, who fitted to start work and plan the situation at noon and for who Europe is still associated with the thick pocket and not with the more important – freedom.

You will be surprised, but only in the vicinity of the stadium is felt that the European Championship is taking place in Lyon. On the other hand, it is incredibly neat and quiet city, which continues to live in a normal situation.

On every step you can find squares and green stripes. The squares are part of the local, regional property and only the local inhabitants can enter. In the larger parks, everyone is engaged in sports.

Tramway is the city’s main transport, but it is even secondary, when there are bicycles for rent in every point and the majority of the locals use it.

Which is not praiseworthy for us in Lyon is the fact that majority of stores and bars are closed on weekends. Perhaps you will seldom see the country, where labor laws are so closely guarded.

Lyon will host two matches of the European Championship. Including Italy-Belgium match, which takes place today. You will see more Belgian fans with hopeful mood in the city. The locals of course do not want repetition of what happened after the match of Russia-England and Germany-Poland. However, it would be incredibly large and unexplained sacrilege to compare the fans of Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Italy and Begium to Russians.

Newly opened booking-offices and prepared specifically for this Championship was closed a long time ago, because all the tickets for Italy-Belgium match were sold in April. This match is considered as the most interesting controversy of the group stage and today, the whole Europe will be focused on this amazing stadium.

We will notify you about the events happened on the stadium, thoughts and intentions of foreign and local fans in other articles.

Levan Sepiskveradze, specially for from Lyon

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